Andrew Cooper - Philosophy

Every golfer is unique: their swing and style their own. All the great players developed and trusted their own feel, their own style; and this is what I aim to help you develop too.

I believe that, given our uniqueness and the ever-changing and multiple challenges the game presents to us, trying to copy a perfect model swing with rigid fundamentals and precise positions is a frustrating and pointless exercise. My approach instead works with your game, focuses on core knowledge and understanding, and helps you to unlock your golfing potential.

I also believe that improving technique is only one part of the equation to better golf. My lessons, particularly on course lessons, also focus on developing your mental skills as a golfer.

The Key Concepts:

  • A brain and body compatible approach to learning.
  • The feel of a true swing, harnessing gravity and momentum for effortless power and control.
  • Move in harmony with the swinging motion of the club (rather than fighting it).
  • Swing with one flowing athletic motion - not a 'join-the-dots' series of positions.
  • Learn amazing short game techniques and develop your feel.
  • Develop your ability to shape your shots - it's much easier than you'd think!
  • The importance of Target and keeping your focus 'on task' - not being distracted by technical mumbo-jumbo!
  • Ideas for effective play and practise to rapidly develop your golfing skills.
  • Play with greater confidence, freedom and fun!