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How to drive the ball in the wind

The ability to control your tee shots on windy days is an important skill for all golfers. Playing in Scotland, especially on our seaside courses, it's rare to get a day when the wind isn't ...
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Ten great golf courses in Scotland

Scotland has an abundance of golf courses; per person, more than any other country in the world in fact. And, of course, it is not only the quantity but the quality of our courses that ...
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How the world's best will tackle Carnoustie

How the world’s best will tackle Carnoustie

What you can learn from watching the best in action at Carnoustie How the world’s best will tackle Carnoustie I know many of you will be watching the action from Carnoustie, either on TV or ...
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The osession with distance

The Obsession with Distance: Know your Speed Limits

The golf industry is obsessed with distance. From club manufacturers, to TV announcers, to the instruction industry – what sells in golf is Distance, and the promise of More Distance. TV commentators harp on about ...
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Murcar Links Golf Club

Now teaching at Murcar Links Golf Club

In addition to my partnership with Newburgh-on-Ythan Golf Club, I am now also teaching at Murcar Links Golf Club. I am delighted to have an association with such a prestigious club. Ranked within the top ...
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