Andrew Cooper Golf Blog - Do's and Don'ts for a more powerful swing

Do’s and Don’ts for a more powerful swing

As a follow-up to my blog maximising power in you swing, here are some simple do's and don'ts for developing a more powerful - and better - golf swing. I see many golfers actively trying ...
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Maximising Your Power - blog by Andrew Cooper Golf

Maximising power in your golf swing

How to build your most powerful swing I wrote a blog before about the obsession with distance and returning to the game after a little break, the obsession is as big as ever. In fact, with ...
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Online Golf Lessons - Andrew Cooper Golf

Introducing online golf lessons

Online Golf Lessons with Andrew Cooper, PGA Professional After finding demand for online coaching, I have now launched an online golf lesson service.  This is a great way to improve your golf remotely.  My lessons ...
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Golf basket

The golf season is here – let’s get your game in shape!

10 Golf tips to help you get set for the new season Whether you’ve been bravely playing through the winter months, or are coming out of hibernation – here are 10 tips to help you ...
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how to drive in the wind | Andrew Cooper Golf

How to drive the ball in the wind

The ability to control your tee shots on windy days is an important skill for all golfers. Playing in Scotland, especially on our seaside courses, it's rare to get a day when the wind isn't ...
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